Joint ASMS & Flinders University Bioinformatics Workshop

Type of learning: Workshop
Time: 23 May, 4-5pm
Audience: Senior Biology Teachers
Format/Location: Online via Teams

Using open access bioinformatic tools to explore biological questions in senior Biology

In the era of COVID-19, we often hear the terms ‘genomic sequencing’, ‘variant’ and ‘mutation’. These biological terms are central to the field of bioinformatics, the use of computational resources to understand and draw meaning from scientific data.

Whilst bioinformatics is an emerging discipline in education, there is evidence in the literature, that learning to use bioinformatic resources in high school can improve scientific literacy and foster enthusiasm for a career in STEM.

In this workshop, we will discuss the skills and foundational knowledge students require so that they can confidently tackle basic bioinformatics. We will look at how bioinformatics can and has been incorporated into the Year 10 Australian Curriculum and SACE Stage 1 & 2 Biology curriculum with students at the ASMS.

Finally, the workshop will introduce participants to open access databases and software which can be used by participants to explore basic bioinformatics with their students.