Dr. Gareth Furber Workshop Series

Type of learning: Workshop series
Audience: For teachers and leaders of P-12
Format: 90 minute in-person sessions
Time: 2-3:30pm beginning Tuesday 3 May
Location: Australian Science & Mathematics School

The Be Well Plan was developed by SAHMRI and Flinders University’s Orama Institute for Mental Health and Wellbeing, who are world leaders in mental health and wellbeing research.

It was designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of their mental health while providing the activities and tools that have been scientifically proven to improve your mental wellbeing.

This program contains the tools you need to implement your own personalised wellbeing and health strategy that caters to your life circumstances and psychological health profile.

The tailored plan contains activities selected from a range of evidence-based resources that will assist you with building up your resilience and wellbeing while also helping you to cope with stress. View the full schedule for the series here.

Each 90-minute session is devoted to a particular topic which is as follows: