Maths & Science Pedagogy

This is a closed event with Grant High School, but please reach out to us at if you are interested in this event for your site.

Workshops include:

Week 2 – Engagement and Motivation in maths and science

When students are disengaged and reluctant to practice and apply their learning, what can you do? Explore ideas around motivation and practice, Schlecty’s Levels of Engagement, Marzano and students setting goals for motivation.

Week 4 – Differentiation in maths and science

When there is a large range of readiness for students in your class, how do you differentiate appropriately? Explore strategies for increasing differentiation through choice, agency, and varying readiness levels (without taking up all your prep time).

Week 6 – Promoting mastery in maths and science

How can you encourage students to grow in their learning and not hand up blank tests? Explore ideas for increasing effective feedback and mastery in class in assessment, as well as how to create lesson activities with multiple levels of challenge to encourage deep understanding.

Week 8 – Positive dispositions and metacognition in maths and science

Why are positive dispositions so important in mathematics and numeracy across subjects? Explore ideas for increasing students’ toolkits in metacognitive and cognitive strategies to build their positive dispositions towards mathematics.