Alternative Pathways to Uni

At the ASMS, we put students learning and developing connections with their pathways firmly at the centre of all we do. Our students are motivated to achieve STEM based university pathways and these are accessed by graduates using a range of options that they work towards as part of their learning journey at the school.

Who is this for? Wellbeing Leaders, Senior School Leaders, Partnership Leaders, Senior School Transition Leaders, Deputy Principals, Principals

What will I learn?

  • How multiple pathway entry programs allow students to focus more on their learning, rather than their ATAR  
  • How strong relationships between schools and universities lead to better outcomes for students 
  • How to work with your school community to normalise alternative pathways 
  • How the ASMS can help you to establish alternative pathway programs at your school. 


Workshop participants will have opportunities to network with their colleagues throughout the day and share their learning with each other.

Leaders will learn how to implement alternative university pathway programs at their site

Teachers will understand how to support students to access alternative post-school pathways 

Teams will experience the opportunity to work together towards a common goal for their students that challenges conservative thinking

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