Support Literacy Development

Learn about how the ASMS uses ‘useful’ data to direct its teaching of literacy and about how this influences learning design and formative feedback. This session will give you practical, effective ideas that have improved student outcomes and can be adapted at your site. 

Who is this for? Teachers of any subject area or leaders wanting to enhance literacy development in their subject or at their site. 

What will I learn?

  • Evidence-based strategies to support literacy development in STEM, other subject areas, or an interdisciplinary curriculum/context 
  • Strategies for building the capacity of interdisciplinary teachers to integrate literacy development in their subject/learning design 
  • Framing and developing a whole-school literacy development strategy 


Hear from teachers and leaders in literacy development, explore how literacy development is incorporated into the ASMS’ interdisciplinary curriculum, and observe the ASMS learning context. 

Leaders will be exposed to strategies to enhance whole-school literacy and to build interdisciplinary staff capacity to support literacy development  

Teachers will gain knowledge and develop skills in how to support literacy development in their subject area 

Teams will explore how whole-school literacy development can be achieved through a collaborative approach 

Sample Program

Supporting Literacy Development 9am – 12:30pm 

Join us to learn about how literacy is consistently improved at ASMS. Understand why LEAP levelling is the most important data set we use to inform our literacy strategy design. See how this knowledge is ‘deprivatised’ from the literacy rich disciplines and what these literacy strategies look like at a teaching level. 

 Hear from staff and students about some of the successes, and failures, we learned from. 

  • Receive resources  
  • Learn about successful pedagogies used 
  • Learn about supportive technologies used 

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