Dream, Design, Develop

Dream, Design, Develop explores jobs of the future, through a powerful combination of technologies, English, history, society, philosophy, psychology, business and marketing.

Students dream up future career opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution, design a personalised learning program to gain the skills needed for these occupations, and develop a company, service or product that will add value to our future communities.

Why explore Dream, Design, Develop?

  • It is critical that we prepare our youth for the future world of work that is coming with the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’.
  • We need to understand our role in the human-machine interface and how to be translators of future technology.
  • Becoming a critical and creative thinker to design a future for yourself is an imperative skill.

Key Concepts

The Future is Human

Explore future technologies and trends that are impacting jobs, and how we will be prepare for future occupations.

Talking Tech

Challenge yourself as you delve into future technologies. Explore technical drawing, CAD design, laser cutting, 3D modelling and printing, programming, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Being Human

Understand and appreciate the uniqueness of humans and the power of connecting with another human.

Science in Life

Consider how technologies can make a difference in people’s lives. Drive your own learning as you explore AR and VR in medicine, bioprinting organs, implants and prosthetics, and alternative food sources.

Social Entrepreneurs

Understand the motivation that drive innovators to come up with new solutions for community-based problems. Explore the features of social entrepreneurship, different business structures, marketing and advertising.

The Past Impacts the Future

Explore history as you choose an invention, system or service and analyse how it has added value to human society.

The Future is Now

Dream of a future where your work has purpose – an occupation that provides a product, system or service that adds human value to others.

Personal Venture

Design your own personalised learning journey where you gain the knowledge and skills that will support your future occupation.

Company of the Future

Develop a company of the future that provides a unique product, system or service that adds human value to others.