Student Inquiry Project

Student Inquiry Project (incorporating Research Project) gives students the opportunity to study a STEM related area of interest in depth, through both active research methods such as experimentation and prototyping, as well as via methods such as literature review.

At the ASMS, Year 10 students undertake a range of research activities in relation to a chosen inquiry topic to prepare them for the requirements of the Research Project. The work undertaken in Year 10 is accredited against Stage 1 Research Practices for SACE. Stage 2 Research Project is undertaken in semester two of a student’s Year 11 program.

Why explore Student Inquiry Project?

  • Develop skills in critically addressing the credibility of information form a range of sources.
  • Learn how to consider and assess the reliability and validity of your findings from your own research and effectively communicate your findings to an audience.
  • Develop skills in working independently, demonstrating initiative and resilience.

Key Concepts

Getting Started

Choose a topic that has a STEM focus, in an area that interests you.

Doing the Research

Incorporate a variety of research methodologies into your research to broaden your research base beyond archival research and develop a folio of evidence.


Identify and showcase your key findings from your research.

Evaluation and Reflection

Reflect on your research outcome and evaluate the effectiveness of research methods used, and how successfully you have managed and developed your research.