F0R 5UCC355

Extraordinary learning


Influence your own learning

Identify your own learning goals and steer your learning in a direction that follows your passions.

Connect with industry

Connect with industry experts through our links with Flinders University and the Tonsley Innovation District.

Explore emerging Science

Research latest developments in biomechanics, artificial intelligence, genomics and more.

Extraordinary Learning, driven by curiosity and challenge, inspiring passion and confidence

Our Values


Our actions and behaviours support, inspire and empower each other to do our best. We ensure a diversity of perspectives, cultures, interests and strengths bring a richness to our learning community.


Our learning programs and school environment enable students to self-direct, self-determine and self-regulate their learning. Students are able to make meaningful decisions about their learning.


Our students’ inquiring mindset is nurtured in our learning programs and school culture. Our students are encouraged to question and challenge ideas and perspectives.

The learning environment at the ASMS is different to anything I’ve experienced. It’s easy to connect with other students and teachers; everyone is equal, and everyone is passionate about learning.

Nevie, class of 2020