Welcome from Kylie

Our school is an innovative, specialist Government school for students in years 10 to 12 who have a passion for science and mathematics. By working in partnership with Flinders University, our students enjoy all the benefits of accessing University facilities, working with leading academics and exploring emerging science, mathematics and technologies.

We believe that by tackling challenging, interconnected real world problems, our students are more engaged in their learning and better prepared for their future. By applying science and mathematics in a real world context, our lessons have relevance and meaning. Our students don’t just remember what they learn, they understand.

ASMS students work with their teachers to shape their learning to best suit their passions, goals and learning strengths. Year 10s and 11s engage in semester courses that are interdisciplinary in design for example ‘Body in Question’, ‘The Energy Equation’, ‘Communication Systems’ and address the Australian Curriculum and SACE Stage 1. Our Year 12 students are able to choose from the full range of SACE Stage 2 sciences and mathematics subjects as well as a selection of humanities subjects.

We invite you to tour the ASMS and experience our vibrant and welcoming school community.

Kylie Eggers

Principal, ASMS