Our Approach

Empowering students to drive their own learning

We focus on building our students’ ability and determination to positively influence their own learning, lives, and the world around them. ASMS students learn how to learn and develop invaluable skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Student agency gives students a voice and choice in how they learn, and the power to steer their learning in a direction that follows their passions. As agents in their learning, our students play an active role in co-designing what and how they learn and show greater motivation to learn.

Connecting learning to real-world challenges

Our courses allow students to apply science and mathematics to real-world challenges, piquing their interest and allowing them to explore their passions. Learning in a real-life context gives our lessons relevance, meaning, and connection. Our students don’t just remember what they learn, they understand it.

We tackle real-world challenges with learning built around interdisciplinary problems—what is humanity’s place in the universe? What can scientists learn from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? What are the jobs of the future?

By focusing on making strong connections, we’re providing learning that is relevant and valued by students. It prepares students for the demands of tertiary education and to contribute positively to a bright future.

Combining subjects to explore complex themes

Our approach blends learning from multiple perspectives, preparing students to tackle some of the complex issues we face in the world. Real-world challenges are not organised into subject silos. Issues like climate change won’t be solved by a single discipline like maths, geography, or international relations alone.

In Year 10 and 11, students study complex themes, weaving knowledge and methods from across the sciences, arts and design, technology, social sciences, and humanities. By learning from a team of teachers with a wide range of expertise, our students connect ideas and concepts across different subjects, resulting in more meaningful, authentic learning.

Learning in a real-life context gives our lessons relevance and meaning.