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The ASMS Professional Learning Team have extensive experience supporting teachers, leaders and teams to extend their knowledge and passion in Science and Mathematics education, and also developing educators’ capacity across a range of additional learning opportunities.  We collaboratively create professional learning experiences and communities with individuals and schools, and seek opportunities to learn together to advance our collective skills, knowledge and practice.

We invite you to explore some of the learning opportunities below or contact us if you have unique area of professional learning or inquiry focus.

Professional Learning Programs


White Papers

The ASMS have developed a series of White Papers as a way to highlight different aspects of innovative teaching, learning and culture practises at the ASMS.

Wellbeing @ASMS

Evidence of Learning

Pathways @ASMS

Pedagogies for Challenge & Stretch

Interdisciplinary Curriculum


General Capabilities

Literacy Skills


Access a range of recorded workshops and seminars in video format, on our YouTube channel.

ASMS & Flinders University Bioinformatics Workshop

Action Research Toolkit

View and download resources to support your site’s Action Research process.

Action Research Playbook

Action Research Slides

Action Research Workshop Part 1

Action Research Workshop Part 2