Fees & Policies


The ASMS is a government school within the Department for Education. The ASMS 2024 approved Materials and Services Charge is $915 (which includes the standard fee of $379 and additional fee of $536) and is due by 12 April 2024 (end of Term 1) unless a payment plan has been entered into prior. The $100 Premier’s Rebate will be applied again in 2024, reducing the school fee balance to $815 per student.

As the school conducted a polling process in accordance with departmental guidelines, the total Materials and Services Charge ($815) is fully recoverable. Families that apply and are eligible for school card will be credited with $379 for 2024 with the balance being a voluntary payment.

Invoices with details of the composition of the Materials and Services Charge are issued at the beginning of each year. Payments to the ASMS can be made in person, by mail, by phone, or direct deposit.

School Card

For more information and links to all of the School Card Forms, please see the SA Government website.

Direct Deposit

If you wish to make a direct deposit to our bank account for the full amount our banking details are:

Account Name: Australian Science and Mathematics School
Account Number: 169 926
Bank/Branch/BSB: Westpac-Marion 035-045
Reference: Invoice Number or name of the student.

Payment by Instalment

Payments of Materials and Services Charges by instalments are available. Payment plans will be arranged using our Direct Debit by Instalment facility with the Westpac bank. Please contact our school for further information.