Student Life

Our culture

We do things a bit differently – simple things like no school uniform or bells, addressing staff by their first names and having the freedom to direct your own learning. Our building design is open plan, and our curriculum is interdisciplinary, taught by a team of teachers.

Located just 12km south of the centre of Adelaide, we’re located within Flinders Uni’s Sturt campus. It’s spacious and leafy, and students benefit from the use of university facilities. Students feel at home on a uni campus, which makes for an easy transition beyond school.

Opening times

Our school is open to students from 7.45am until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 7:45am to 3:45pm Fridays.

Lessons run 8.40am to 3.20pm, except on Tuesdays where formal lessons finish at 1.00pm. Group tuition is available for students free of charge on Tuesdays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.


Shape your student experience beyond the classroom.

Activities Day

During Term 1, our Activities Day is a day that celebrates diversity and participation, rather than heaping praise upon the sporting elite. Students can participate in sack races, tug of war, Ultimate Frisbee, pool noodle races, Volleyball, Pétanque, Soccer and track and field events.

Active Wellbeing

Our weekly Active Wellbeing program has a key focus on wellbeing, with engaging opportunities including yoga, sport, walking, gardening, reading, art and more.

Sporting opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to get outdoors, and have fun keeping fit and healthy through our lunchtime sports program, interschool competitions, and teachers vs student matches.

Service Club

Service Club gives students the opportunity to serve the wider community by raising money, awareness, and taking action where possible. The ASMS also supports a sponsor child through World Vision, Lubelihle Sibanda in Zimbabwe, and sponsors puppies through Guide Dogs SA thanks to the generous donations of students and teachers.

Lunchtime activities

Lunch at the ASMS is not simply a break from learning and a time to eat lunch. It’s a time where we build a sense of community and students can engage in a wide range of activities. In addition to our lunchtime sports program, other regular activities include table tennis, slacklining, chess, music, board games and cards.