Positive learning culture

We pride ourselves on our positive learning culture and robust support network for each student. Extraordinary learning is enhanced with a positive relationship between students, their parents / caregivers, and our school.

Our weekly Active Wellbeing program has a key focus on wellbeing, with engaging opportunities including yoga, sport, walking, gardening, reading and art.

Students also have a wide range of additional support services available to them, including an on-site Youth Worker and a School Mental Health Service Practitioner.

Learning Studies

We support student wellbeing through daily Learning Studies sessions, developing resilient, confident, and self-directed learners.

Our Learning Studies program ensures that all students feel a sense of belonging within our school, and develop strong relationships with their peers and Learning Studies teacher. Each Learning Studies Group is made of up to 20 students from across Years 10 to 12, who meet for 40 minutes every day with their teacher.

Your Learning Studies Teacher will:

  • Be your mentor
  • Assist you to plan and achieve your goals
  • Be the main point of contact for all communication for students and families