Year 10 & 11

Influence your own learning

In Year 10 and 11, learning is based on a series of unique, interdisciplinary courses called Central Studies. Each Central Study features a core theme, weaving multiple subjects together to bring the theme to life, including English, Mathematics, Science, History, Health & PE and Humanities.

For example, in Communication Systems, the theme is ‘sending and receiving information’. We cover the English curriculum through a study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, where information is transmitted via the script of the play. We cover Mathematics through a study of linear equations, where the information communicated is used to storm the castle and capture Macbeth from the Great Hall. We cover Science through a study of neural biochemistry, where messages of elation, fear, anxiety, and joy are transmitted through the characters in the play.

Central Studies are taught in a two-year cycle, where students undertake three to four courses each semester.

Central Studies

There are many opportunities to be agents in your own learning and pursue your passions. Choose subtopics to focus on within each course and influence how they are assessed.

Year 12 students choose from a range of traditional and unique STEM subjects.