Aldinga Payinthi Mentoring Program

“This year we have had the pleasure of working closely with Aldinga Payinthi College as mentors for their Year 9s. Over the 5 months, we worked with them to find a structure in which would benefit them and to do so initially went to both schools to gain understanding on how the schools functioned before beginning the mentoring. We spent around 8 weeks going down to Aldinga to try to prepare them for Year 10 and 11 as they have no role model to look up to at their school. Throughout these sessions we focused on talking to them about priorities with school, Learner Attributes, subject selections and we worked with them to form understandings on what to expect for Year 10 to ease their minds and answered questions they had for us like about what to expect with workload, organisation skills, what life beyond school potentially could look like and what we wish someone had told us prior to going into Year 10.”

Chelsea, Year 11 student