ASMS Attends QASMT Science Fair

Recently, a group of our ASMS students along with our Principal Kylie Eggers, and teacher, Jules Potiki headed interstate to Brisbane to attend the Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology’s Science Fair for 2022.

During this trip, two of our students Chester and Eliza, were able to present their research posters, and the other students were able to attend a Q&A session with scientists from the University of Queensland to assist with their Research Projects and gain a greater insight into the industry.

“I enjoyed the trip to Brisbane as I got many opportunities to learn about QASMT the school which we attended for the few days we were over there. I also got the opportunity to go to Queensland University and talk to multiple professors and I now have 2 interviews for my Research Project.”

– Harrison

“Getting the opportunity to meet students from other science and math focused schools was far and away the highlight of my time at the Brisbane Science Fair. Hearing just how differently these schools operated to our own was incredibly interesting, especially being able to talk about all of the different approaches to learning that other schools have. To a large extent, we were even able to experience the difference in culture across the three schools that attended, and I think that really painted a picture for us of just how unique ASMS is, in providing ample pathways for its students, in fostering a healthy and happy environment for its students, and in developing science/math learning. I’m incredibly satisfied with how the trip went, because it reminded me that the ASMS approach to learning is unique to ASMS, it focuses far deeper than just walking away with the highest ATAR, it’s about developing the skills to be successful, to enjoy that journey. The school’s charter says it is to be “an agency for change and enhancement of science and mathematics education for the state of South Australia and then nationally and internationally”, and quite frankly, I strongly believe there is no better place, within the state of South Australia, nationally, or maybe even internationally, to model a school environment after.”

– Cyrus

The Science Fair trip to Queensland provided a great experience to socialise with schools from other states, inquire about future pathways with esteemed scientists and receive numerous credible contacts for my research project. We were fortunate enough to gain an insight into the University of Queensland while attending a Q&A session with numerous scientists who outlined their personal experiences and accomplishments. Overall, the opportunity was valuable to inquire about the areas of science I am interested in as well as meet new students who shared those same passions.

– Erika

“A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Technology (QASMT) in Brisbane. I presented my scientific poster on Cepheid variable stars to a range of students, teachers, and parents. I was lucky enough to listen to presentations done by a multitude of students who received professional feedback on their research projects. I met so many wonderful students from Brisbane but also Victoria (John Monash Science School) who had a passion for science and mathematics. I experienced firsthand how other schools are run and how their students learn. My favourite part of the trip was when we went to the University of Queensland to see The Brain Institute. We spoke with a range of scientists who ran a Q & A session about their professions, which gave insight on what it’s like to have a career in science. Overall, this was an enjoyable trip and I hope to keep in contact with some of the students we met. Thanks to Jules and Kylie for making it a fun trip.”

– Eliza