Canada Study Tour 2023

At the end of Term 3, our ASMS group returned from their incredible study tour to Canada. Here’s more about their trip of a lifetime.

Our trip to Canada was an incredible adventure filled with diverse experiences and memorable moments. The journey began in Niagara Falls, where we spent two days exploring one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. We learned about the geological history and formation of this iconic landmark through interactive activities and boat tours, as well as being able to cross the border into New York State and see the falls from the opposing side. We had the opportunity to watch the fireworks from below the falls on our last night, which was a memorable experience for us all. 

From Niagara Falls we flew to Winnipeg to meet our homestay families from our sister school Fort Richmond Collegiate. Over our first weekend in Canada, we engaged in various activities with our homestay families, still introducing ourselves to each other and sharing cultural experiences. By Monday, we were well-rested and excited to embrace a “normal” school day, attending classes with our Canadian buddies and shadowing them throughout the day. This afternoon the entire group visited a local mall, further immersing ourselves in Canadian culture.

The highlight of the trip was the Manitoba Science Summit, a sustainability farming science course that provided us with valuable insights into testing water and soil levels, agriculture practices, and the role of animals in supporting sustainable farming. Throughout the week, we collaborated in groups from Fort Richmond and other local schools to design our own sustainable farms and prepared 10-minute presentations to showcase our innovative ideas to the entire group. 

As the week concluded, we had the privilege of experiencing Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Some of us went camping, while others joined their homestay families for large family gatherings. We all celebrated the holiday, each in our family’s unique way, creating cherished memories. On our last night with our families, we had a big bonfire night to say goodbye, and we filled our bellies with smores throughout the night and our minds full of memories. 

On our journey back home, we had a 13-hour layover in Los Angeles, which we made the most of by visiting iconic places like the Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach. It was the perfect end to a fantastic trip to Canada, a journey of learning and of making long lasting relationships that I guarantee we will all cherish forever.