Changemakers 2022

Student agency is a very large part of the effective learning culture at ASMS. Students are encouraged at every opportunity to own their own learning now and into the future. The Changemakers student group is involved in many consultation and meeting opportunities both within and beyond the school, directly impacting learning design and subject offerings at the ASMS and learning from other schools to adopt improved practice here at the ASMS.

Each year, a group of students volunteer to be the ASMS Changemakers. The inaugural group of Changemakers Aronne, Sam F, Caleb, Lewis and Cat were outstanding ambassadors for our school and even prepared a paper about genuine student voice within schools for publication on the Purple Orange website – you can have a read here:

The Changemakers: A South Australian Example of Student Leadership and Collaboration Between Staff and Students

This year, Emily, Cyrus, Charli, Danny, Amberlyn, Seb, Zia, Chester, Isumi, Bohdi and Manabi are our Changemakers and they have already contributed significantly to thinking about how we can best design our learning to provide opportunities for engagement and agency. We look forward to another productive year where students are leaders within our school, driving important decisions as we strive to achieve future focussed learning.