Changemakers Reflections

It has been a big year for our ASMS Changemakers, who have been busy working as a team to ensure that the students of the ASMS are able to have their voice heard and enact real change through their contributions.

This year, Cameron, Monica, Tomasz, Olivia N, Erika, Chelsea, Ryan, Dhrithi, Alex S, Alex A, Jack, Kaitlin, Elysia, Sinan and Josh were our Changemakers.

Here are some of the reflections from our 2023 Changemakers on their achievements throughout this year.

Being a member of Changemakers was a wonderful learning experience and helped connect me to the rest of the school. As a Changemaker not only did I improve the school through organising a bunch of fun events, but I made friends within the group and expanded my social circle. As a whole, this year’s Changemakers made a world of difference by helping teachers with designing the curriculum – such as the ‘Life Hacks’ lesson and brought more liveliness to the school through events such as the Excessively Posh Day. Overall, it was an amazing experience and if I could do it again I definitely would.


Changemakers is a real​ opportunity to make change in a menagerie of fields. Whether you have the ambition to drive fundraising, help and encourage the school and wider community, make changes to the curriculum or in any way make an impactful difference, changemakers can help achieve real goals. This is not your average student representative council, but an exciting and capable group of students and teachers working as one to achieve amazing things. This year, we’ve had a number of successes with cake day, excessively posh day, and even altering our learning studies lessons to include more relevant topics including first aid, how to get a drivers license, and how to donate blood. It has always been a fun and supportive environment, and I completely recommend to anyone who has the commitment to join. 🙂


I didn’t know much about the Changemakers before this year. It wasn’t something I had considered doing, and then some friends told me that they had put my name forward. While I wasn’t expecting to do it, being a Changemaker has helped me grow immensely as a person. The commitment that it required and the responsibility that I got as a leader was amazing and it helped me find my confidence in speaking for my school and my community. As Changemakers this year, we have done a lot more than most people realise. Sometimes, I’ll hear someone talking about a new thing and I’ll get to say- with pride- that that was us! Student leadership opened me up to how hard students and teachers work to keep the school an amazing place- it gave me an entire new appreciation for teachers and those who work behind the scenes. It was an amazing opportunity that I’m incredibly thankful for. I’m really proud of what we did this year, and how we helped to make the school a better place.