It has been a big year for our ASMS Changemakers, who have been busy working as a team to ensure that the students of the ASMS are able to have their voice heard and enact real change through their contributions. Here are some of the reflections from our 2022 Changemakers on their achievements throughout this year.

My experience in Changemakers was nothing but rewarding. Every achievement was a result of teamwork and every roadblock was a learning curve that help us better ourselves both independently and as a team. Good luck to the 2023 Changemakers!


Through the ups and downs of 2022, Changemakers has had the opportunities to engage in an array of projects such as installation of menstruated products in bathrooms, handball courts, curriculum planning and many more. It was a wonderful experience getting to see ‘behind the scenes’ of how teachers work to make ASMS the way it is. 


Being a part of Changemakers has been such a rewarding experience, getting to not just see changes happen in the school, but know that I was a part of make them, is such an incredible feeling. The secretary role has led to me getting to communicate with the management in the school about real issues affecting students, but also how create solutions and plan events based on their own merit. It’s an amazing experience and I encourage any interested students to join, help come up with ideas, and make changes.