Child Protection Curriculum in Learning Studies

One of the key programmes for Learning Studies throughout the year includes the mandated DfE Keep Safe: Child Protection Curriculum KS:CPC, in which students from all year levels at the ASMS participate in workshops exploring four Focus Areas of Right to be Safe, Relationships, Recognising and reporting Abuse, and Protective Strategies, over a three-year cycle.

This Semester we have introduced the KS:CPC Focus Area of ‘Relationships’. This has been prepared by all Learning Studies Teachers, creating fresh resources exploring ‘Rights and Responsibilities’, ‘Identity and Relationships’, ‘Power in Relationships’ and ‘Trust and Networks’.

After working through all workshop subtopics, students discuss issues and questions arising in the workshops with their Learning Studies Teacher and write about their experiences in a Growth Reflection Record.

If you require any information relating to the KS:CPC, please contact either your young person’s Learning Studies teacher or Richard (Learning Studies Leader).