Coming up – the ASMS International Science Fair! 

Every year, in Week 7 of Term 3 the ASMS holds its annual International Science Fair (ISF), welcoming students from schools around the world and the country to join our Year 10 and 11 cohort for a magnitude week of Challenge Based Learning (CBL). 

In the lead up to ISF, students from the ASMS choose a theme for the event to explore. This year’s theme, Space to Innovate, will be the basis for each CBL, leading students’ exploration, interrogation and collaboration to investigate real world issues, propose solutions, and solve challenges.  

With so many additional features to our normal week the usual school timetable will change slightly. Our normal short day will change from Tuesday to Monday with dismissal at 1pm Monday 4 September. Tutoring which usually occurs on Tuesday afternoons will be cancelled for that week.  

Each day will start and the usual time of 8:40am with every other day that week (Tuesday to Friday) finishing at 3:20pm.  

Don’t forget to stay up to date on the week’s activities and what the students get up to on our Facebook and Instagram.  

We hope everyone is looking forward to another amazing event and welcoming our international, interstate regional and local school visitors to the ASMS!