Earth and Cosmos

In Earth and Cosmos (EaC) students are investigating the Big question of ‘Why here?’. Why is Earth such a unique place for life to thrive?

For semester 2, this has begun with an investigation into the Dynamic Earth including the layers of the Earth and their specific chemical compositions, connecting this to the functioning of living organisms. Students are currently exploring plate tectonics and how convection and changing densities of the mantle drives the movement of the continental plates of large geological timescales.

Moving forward into term 3, we continue this investigation by using trigonometry to understand features of the Earth such as recreating observations and calculations made by Eratosthenes, BCE to determine the Earth’s circumference with the help of planetarium and VR software.

Why Here culminates in Week 3 with a collaborative activity where each student brings a piece of a puzzle to the group to help solve a challenge.