Earth and Cosmos

In Earth and Cosmos, our students have been exploring the Out of the World unit, where they have read a science fiction novel that relates to Earth and Cosmos, and analysed it as part of an English-assessed task. The focus texts for this unit have been 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Martian Chronicles and The Left Hand of Darkness.

All three texts contain an overarching inquiry question to ponder: what is humanity’s place in the universe?

This gives our student the chance to learn reading skills and concepts that relate to genre and text forms, context, audience, style and purpose, as well as techniques in how to analyse in larger close reading ‘clusters’ before embarking upon their novel analysis task.

Following on from that, the EAC students have been working on the Mapping the Universe unit using Pythagoras, trigonometry, sine and cosine rules to explore the angles and distances between the Earth and/or objects in space.