Earth Summit in Sustainable Futures

Earth Summit 2023 has now concluded! For this sequence of learning, students worked in small groups to represent the interests of a developed or developing country in references to the UN Sustainable Development goals that connect with science understandings, such as Life on Land or Life Below Water. Groups investigated the context and challenges presented to their country to understand their top 3 environmental issues in order to refine their focus to the single most pressing UN Sustainable Development goal. Students presented this as a poster amongst their classes and in turn, investigated the major concerns affecting their region.

The second part of Earth Summit saw each group present to their peers, showcasing the major environmental concerns for their region and arguing why the goal identified for their country was most pressing for the UN to action. Students brought together their investigations relating to their country and then analysed this in terms of their region, comparing and contrasting the range of environmental concerns to propose a solution for the future.

Our students not only demonstrated great development of their Learner Attributes particularly around Humanitarianism and Analytical Thinking, but as attentive audiences also showed their sense of ASMS community and respect in listening to their peers.