End of Year Plans for Years 10 & 11

Central Studies lessons conclude Friday 24 November and the end of year program starts from Monday 27 November when all students will have completed the required instruction for the year.

Learning Requirements

Students should have completed all their ongoing assessment tasks by Friday 24 November. There are several special learning programs which should be completed by this date:

We recommend that students who are currently not on track to complete SIP/RP or other assessment tasks should attend Tuesday afternoon Learning Support during weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6.

End of Year Attendance Requirements

Students who are 16 years of age or over (not including international students) and who have completed all the requirements of their learning program are not required to attend school after Tuesday 28 November.

For students under 16 years and international students there will be an informal program of activities from 29 November to 15 December. Although this program is informal students under the age of 16 are required to attend unless the school has been informed via the Exemption process. For those students who require an exemption form, it has been included with this letter. Signed forms need to be returned to the ground floor reception desk by Friday 24 November.

International students who are here on the Study Abroad Program are required to attend school or undertake a negotiated program until 15 December regardless of their age. Alternative programs can be designed and agreed to with these students. International students undertaking the Graduate Program have the same requirements as domestic students.

Please see the email sent out to families for further information and access to exemption form.