Enrichment at the ASMS

Enrichment at the Australian Science and Mathematics School aims to engage and challenge students by providing access to advanced learning opportunities that are not typically covered in the standard curriculum. The opportunities promoted at ASMS can take many forms, including workshops, competitions, research projects, mentoring, conferences, exhibitions and more and are generally in the fields of STEM, numeracy, literacy, individual sciences, cyber and development of Learner Attributes. These can be found on our school portal.

Enrichment opportunities are crucial for the development and education of ASMS students. We encourage students to explore the various programs and activities that we offer frequently and take advantage of the valuable experiences that challenge and inspire them. This week as part of Learning Studies students are exploring their interest and the opportunities we have run in the past and will be making selections for opportunities they are interested in.

Keep an eye out here at info@ASMS so we can celebrate all things Enrichment at the ASMS.