Enrichment Update

To close the end of Term 3, the ASMS has some wonderful news in terms of our Enrichment opportunities.

Two of our students, Suyeon and Dhrithi entered the Australian Society for Medical Research quiz, with both participants receiving outstanding results of 28/30 as their results.

Another ASMS student, Lara, is one of the recipients of the Citizenship award from the Order of Australia for her work in volunteering and leadership.

This is what Lara had to say about this nomination:

“The most significant part of the award was that I didn’t need to work for it. The award reflects your participation, integration and leadership within local and larger communities. This means spending your time to make a positive contribution as a role model to peers and learners, as well as involvement in not only school events but also work environments and overall volunteering time and management skills in everyday situations.

I have been a part of St John Ambulance Cadets since 2019, where I now sit as a cadet corporal (Youth Leader), and only continued to grow in my ranking since then. I sign up for events like the royal show, BMX tracks, ANZAC vigils, and more. This is done with other St John members across South Australia to volunteer our time to help those in need of first aid or represent our service to the country and community.

This is just one of the many positive contributions I’ve made to society as a leadership figure to help those in need. In May 2022, everyone who helped allowed me to raise almost $5000 for the leukemia foundation; I additionally chopped off my hair and donated it for wig creations. Helping those in need and striving in leadership has always been lifelong skill I’ve grown up in and continued to develop and mature over time.

I am highly grateful to be recognised for this and accept the award with acknowledgment to everyone I’ve encountered in my life, as they have been an immense contribution to who I am today. This award only shows me that I can grow even further as a person and that this is the new basis and minimum of myself.”

Congratulations to all the outstanding ASMS students who have been participating in these opportunities this term. For current Enrichment Opportunities information, please read through our portal page here.