Expectations of Year 12 students

Throughout Term 1 Year 12 students are expected to be present at school each day from 8.40am, until the conclusion of the school day at 3.20pm, or 1pm on Tuesday. They are required to attend all sessions for their chosen subjects and also all Learning Studies sessions. Learning Studies is the time when we deliver compulsory Year 12 curriculum and information about pathways to help them prepare for next year.

At other times space has been made available for Year 12s to study within the main ASMS building. We are asking all students to remain in the building so that they are able to build a community of learners with their peers from Year 12 classes and also access support from teachers. Although our Year 12s know many of their peers, most are getting to know more of their peers in their new classes. By getting to know their peers and building this community of learners, students will have more support as the year progresses and the workload increases.

Privileges such as studying in the library or at home will be available later in the year, once students have had an opportunity to get to know, and build good study habits with, their peers in their Year 12 classes. When making decisions about these privileges we will consider whether students are up to date with all work, their attendance to date and their contribution to the positive learning culture of the school.

Kylie Eggers & Alix Verdon