Student Inquiry Project Update

Our ASMS Year 10 and 11 students have been busy submitting their Folio Tasks, which is the first component of their inquiry projects. The Folio documents the research processes that students have undertaken and the results obtained. Students show how they have decided and refined their research question, planned the research, and documented the research journey; the Folio emulating in many ways the journalling of research activities undertaken in many scientific fields.

Students are now working on their Outcome, which will showcase their findings. This task is due at the end of the second week of next term. Students can ease the assessment pressures of term four by doing some work on their outcome over the forthcoming school holidays, ideally coming back to school with a draft to give to their teacher for feedback. Outcomes can be formatted in a way that best showcases the research undertaken, previous formats used by students include: emulating an academic journal article, scientific poster, magazine article, essay, video, website or slideshow.

Following the completion of the Outcome there is one final assessment task, the Reflection for Year 10 students and the externally marked Evaluation for Year 11 students. 

While a final grade for Year 10 students will be based on all tasks undertaken the situation is different for Year 11 students. Their Evaluation is the equivalent of an externally marked exam in other Year 12 (SACE Stage 2) subjects. For our Year 11s their grade appearing in their report will be based upon the work marked internally at the ASMS. Their final Research Project grade, which will be determined following SACE marking of the evaluations in 2024, will be released mid 2024.