Jobs of the future in Dream Design Develop

The ASMS and Flinders have collaborated and as result the Dream Design Develop students were given a challenge from the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Flinders University, Romy Lawson.

Romy asked the students to make a university course outline for their chosen Job of the Future, and she will be picking the top 5 for Flinders to consider implementing into courses that Flinders offer in the future. 

Students have Dreamed about elements of their job of the future taken from the ‘100 Jobs of the Future’ industry document. They have then Designed their own learning journey to fulfil the requirements of their job and now they get to test their skills and Design & Develop their very own university course outline.

This task provides students with an excellent opportunity to see a real-world application of their learning and we are excited to send final copies up to Flinders and hear their feedback over the coming weeks.

Image: 100 Jobs of the Future