Materials & Services Charge 2024

In accordance with government Administrative Instructions and Guidelines issued by The Department for Education relating to the Materials and Services Charge for 2024, please find attached the proposed “Notice of Charges” for our Year 10-12 students.

The “Notice of Charges” provides a breakdown of the Materials and Services Charge.  The 2024 charge for the Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS) will remain the same as it did for 2021, 2022 and 2023.

I wish to advise you that the Australian Science and Mathematics School proposed Materials and Services Charge for 2024 will be presented at the next Governing Council meeting, to be held on Monday 6 November at the ASMS for discussion and voting.  Accordingly, parents/caregivers are invited to attend this meeting as you are to all Governing Council meetings. Please note that voting is restricted only to elected members of the Governing Council.

In lieu of attendance at the meeting, parents can express their views in writing to our Governing Council Chairperson – Ron Van Burren via

If parents/caregivers have any questions, please contact the Business Manager, Angela Murphy on (08) 8201 5690 or

Notice of Materials and Services Charges for 2024Download