Ocean’s Alive in Sustainable Futures

For Sustainable Futures, students have moved into the second module – Ocean’s Alive which continues through until Week 4 in Term 4. This is a fast-paced module where classes rotate through 4 interconnected units to explore humanity’s ongoing impact on the environment through a number of lenses. Understanding that human-centric environmental impact is not a new issue, through the ‘Power of Us’ unit, students explore the history of protests regarding environmental impact such as the Save the Reef movement. We connect to this by analysing a choice-text relating to protest issues, identifying the key language and stylistic features were employed by authors of text types such as reports, speeches or even songs to create purpose for audiences within given contexts.

From a scientific perspective, students are digging deeper into the impact of increasing global carbon dioxide levels on marine environments and organisms, with this learning culminating in a titration experiment, which is excellent practice for students intending to pursue Year 12 Chemical sciences.

Overall, Ocean’s Alive builds on the foundation learning from the first module – Create the Future emphasising real-life connections to their conceptual understandings.