Order from Chaos

In Order from Chaos students have now completed Module 1 –Divisive or Decisive? This module saw the development of skills around statistical analysis and purposeful integration of persuasive features that culminated in a persuasive speech around a Rights and Freedoms topic individuals felt passionate about.

We also considered the importance of viewpoints and how history’s records often do not showcase all perspectives. This is particularly important as we move into Module 2 –Patterns and Perspectives and explore the development of the Periodic table and the absence of diversity of the historically recognised contributors. This module will see a strong focus on developing science inquiry skills, identifying and modelling patterns using chemical reactions and mathematical modelling to make predictions about these reactions.

To mirror this, our Evidence of Learning (EoL) will take the form of many small activities of note taking, observations, reflections, and conversations in order to develop student’s skills to deconstruct an inquiry question and design a rigorous investigation. From the student’s perspective this will look like lots and lots of pracs and hands-on activities, which was a specific request from our students arising in our curriculum review.