Order From Chaos

In Order from Chaos (OfC) this term, students began the term with an exploration of what ‘average’ really means, and can we use this metric to serve as a representative for all people? We took seemingly chaotic information in the form of crunched up paper or paint splatters and brought order and beauty to them, with some colour and imagination.

Recently, students explored the use of statistics to make meaning out of data using measures of central tendency and spread and selecting appropriate graph types to analyse data numerically and visually. This is currently being carried forward into our speech task, where students are critically evaluating choices of persuasive techniques such as ethos, pathos and logos, use of punctuation and modality, and strategic use of patterns like repetition, tone fluctuations and pauses to create persuasive speeches.

Moving forward in the second half of the term, we will be delving into patterns existing in nature by exploring the interesting and sometimes explosive properties of elements in the periodic table through a mathematical lens.