Our Friend the Atom in The Energy Equation

For The Energy Equation, students are starting Term 2 by exploring the impact of the nuclear age through text analysis. Students begun the term reviewing a selection of Disney war-time clips with a particular focus on Our Friend the Atom (OFTA), which forms the core of the intertextual analysis task due Week 3. Students exercise their agency in the selection of their comparative texts, be this another Disney clip or one of the written texts they have investigated and will be exploring a range of stylistic and language feature conventions in the upcoming weeks to assist their analyses.

Moving into Week 3 and 4 students will develop their knowledge and understanding of probability and tree diagrams, applying these concepts and analyses to geographical areas affected by nuclear radiation and the associated health risks of the different sites, acting as ‘tour guides’ in their Radioactive tourism folio (Week 5).

Overall, we have been excited to see the depth of discussions students have demonstrated in regard to comparing and contrasting the Disney clips so far and look forward to seeing this depth continued in the OFTA task.