Principal & Deputy Principal’s Message

Principal & Deputy’s Message: Welcome back to Term 2!  As you may be aware, National Cabinet met to discuss the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032 and the need for additional initiatives, including an expansion of preventative educational campaigns. At the ASMS we are committed to the education of all our young people about respectful relationships, understanding and celebrating diversity, and how to be a good upstander, alongside recognition of abusive situations and the supports available. These ideas are covered in Learning Studies through the Child Protection Curriculum. Inclusion and respect are key to our school culture. If you would like to make any suggestions or raise any concerns, please contact Matt Verdon or Kylie Eggers and one of us will be happy to speak with you. 

The first half of Term 2 is a busy and exciting time, with upcoming events including the Wellbeing and Engagement Collection, CIC week, and Reconciliation Week during Week 5. If any parents would be interested in contributing to our Reconciliation Action Plan we would be very pleased to hear from you.

CIC Week (Week 3): In Week 3 of Term 2 (13-17 May) Central Studies students will be participating in Curiosity in the Community (CIC) Week. There are no formal lessons for Years 10 & 11 and all students are expected to take part in CIC Week. Year 12s have normal lessons this week. Students will apply their STEM knowledge and skills to address real-world problems and promote positive change. All excursion forms have been sent home via Edsmart so please check your emails.

Parent Information Session (6 June, 5pm Week 6 Thursday): The ASMS and Governing Council are very keen to facilitate another information evening for families.  This information evening is aimed at all ASMS families who are encouraged to attend, to hear from and to discuss with staff and parents the topic of ‘What does learning really look like?’.

Home study for Year 12s: From Term 2 each year, Year 12 students may choose to apply for ‘Home Study’ sessions as a privilege, so that they can be at home for some of their designated study sessions.  The process and parameters are as follows:

  1. Print a copy of the timetable, and indicate the sessions which they wish to have as Home Study. The sessions they may select are:
    1. Session 1 on days where they do not have a class in Session 1.
    1. Session 2 on days where they have no class in Session 1 and no class in Session 2.
    1. Session 2 on days where they have class in Session 1, but do not have Session 2 and do not have Session 3, and are intending to have that day’s Learning Studies session as a home study.
    1. Session 3 on days where they have no class in Session 3.
    1. A maximum of 2 Learning Studies sessions, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday only, where they do not have Session 2 and do not have Session 3.  
  2. Get their parents and the LS teacher to sign off that they believe the overall study will be improved by this flexible arrangement.
  3. Hand the signed timetable to Karen who will pass it on to the senior colour leader for approval.
  4. Home study sessions will then be entered into Daymap and students will not be expected in class in those sessions.  Year 12s must sign in when they arrive at school, or if they are staying when they would normally have home study.  This is essential for our emergency procedures.

If you wish to have the Thursday LS session as a home study, they will be expected to engage with the CPC resources in another LS session or their own time as this is a mandatory curriculum.

If a student has special circumstances which they believe warrant some individual modification to the above, please see the senior colour leader who can discuss the specific situation.

Until students have returned the signed timetable and had it approved, it is expected that they will attend every session and be present at school for study sessions. 

Term Two has had a great start with students settling into their learning and embracing the opportunities that being at the ASMS affords them. Please remember to regularly check the Portal to see the range of additional enrichment opportunities students can take part in.

Reminder Student Free Day & Year 12 Formal Night 31 May, and another Student Free Day 14 June.


Kylie & Matt