Principal’s Message

It’s the end of term and we are all about to go on a well-deserved break. There has been much to learn from our experiences during Term 2 and I appreciate the support of the school community. The assembly on Friday was a fabulous opportunity for us to hear about the activities and growth in our students’ understanding during the semester and as a re-focus on the role of students at the ASMS.

At the beginning of the holidays families will receive student reports indicating the progress they have made thus far this year. Within these documents there are many reasons for celebration and some areas of concern; the thoughtful and insightful comments that our students have shared are quite amazing. Although many students have been affected by COVID absences, the data indicates that several students are arriving late almost every day or choosing which classes they attend. The Department for Education expects every student to be attending school regularly. We are convinced that the best place for our students to be learning is with us and their peers at ASMS. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding this or wish to discuss any ongoing challenges your child may be experiencing as a result.

Staffing: In our staff team we are having some movement towards the end of term:

Lots to come in the next semester but in the meantime we are ready for our end of term break! Take very good care of yourself and each other and I look forward to the start of Term 3 and seeing all our students back at school learning!

Kylie Eggers,