Principal’s Message

Year 12 support: In a recent Year 12 meeting students were asked about the supports they would like during their study periods. Every student present (76% of the cohort) indicated they wanted to know when and where subject specific teachers could be available to support them in their subjects and a table with these details has now been supplied to them via email. Year 12s (and your parents) please remember to let someone know if you are struggling – our teachers are skilled at sorting out problems but can only do so if they know of the problem.

Curiosity in the Community Week (CIC) (19-23 June 2023) is fast approaching. We are so excited that all Year 10 & 11 students will be applying their STEM knowledge and skills to address real-world problems and promote positive change. By engaging in impactful service activities, students can build relationships with community members, develop empathy and social consciousness, and gain valuable experience. The range of activities include STEM Outreach where ASMS students will design and deliver a STEM learning experience to almost 1000 students at other sites in metropolitan and rural areas, work experience placements with the majority in STEM fields, conservation action within the local community, developing and delivering a VR experience to senior citizens, and students using their tech skills to develop web-based resources for a community group. I can’t wait to hear of the experiences our students.

(Please note that there are no formal lessons for Years 10 & 11 during CIC Week and all students are expected to take part. If a student is unsure of what they are doing for CIC Week please get them to contact their LS teacher.)

Attendance: We want to stress the vital role of regular school attendance in our students’ educational journey. The planned learning opportunities build a strong learning foundation, social interactions, and promote personal growth; it’s hard to support students who we don’t see.

Staffing: I am pleased to announce Matthew Verdon has been appointed as the ASMS Deputy Principal: Learning Culture. His expertise will further strengthen our school culture and our ability to lead and engage with innovative teaching and learning in STEM and educational metrics.

End of Semester: Please note that the end of semester is fast approaching (end of Week 8). This can be a chance to reflect on learning and achievement but also to reset as we are mindful that for some students a fresh start will be a good thing.

Recently I met with Tim McLeod, our Marion Inland Partnership Education Director, to showcase and discuss the ASMS’s progress against the 2023 Site Improvement Plan. He was impressed by our approach to improving students’ achievement in external assessments and the individual support and tracking we undertake.

Kylie Eggers,