Principal’s Message

As we approach the end of Term 2, I would like to extend my gratitude for the dedication and hard work demonstrated by our school community throughout the past few months.

Student Reports: During the holidays families will receive student reports indicating the progress they have made thus far this year in a new format, emphasising the students’ role and reflections as a learner. Within these documents there are many thoughtful and insightful comments and, while grades serve as one measure of academic performance, they do not capture the full spectrum of an individual’s abilities, or readiness for their future. We believe that prioritising learning and reflection encourages a more comprehensive and meaningful educational experience.

Staffing: I am pleased to announce Lara Lang has been appointed as the ASMS Director of Professional Learning and Jesse Atkinson has been appointed as the ASMS Leader of English, HASS & Literacy.

Mobile Phones Term 3: At the beginning of next term, we will implement the ASMS Student use of mobile phones and personal devices policy which is in line with the state government’s Student use of mobile phones and personal devices policy. This means that phones need to be ‘off and away’ during school hours unless there are agreed exemptions for specific purposes. This policy represents a significant change for our young people, and we are pleased with the way our students, parents and staff have engaged throughout the consultation process; we will be seeking feedback about the implementation later in the year.

20th Anniversary: “It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights!” The 20th Anniversary commemorations are almost all in place and we look forward to past and some present staff, students and parents celebrating with us on 19 August at either the Open Afternoon or the Cocktail Party (both on site at ASMS). (See the relevant tile in this newsletter to book tickets.)

The assembly on Friday was a fabulous opportunity for us to hear about the activities and growth in our students’ during the semester, although we are all ready for our end of term break. Take very good care of yourself and each other and I look forward to the start of Term 3.

Kylie Eggers,