Principal’s Message

Welcome back to an action-packed Term 3 at the ASMS.

At times it is important to remind ourselves that learning has greater significance than assessment. The heart of education lies in fostering genuine learning and understanding. Learning is a journey of exploration, curiosity, and personal growth beyond rote memorisation and regurgitation thereby promoting students as active participants in their education where they see the links and transfer between their different learning experiences.

Recently we’ve had a few students who jump straight to completing the assessment, choose limited attendance or disregard the formative components of the learning. By shifting the focus from tasks to learning, we empower students to take risks and learn from their mistakes with research demonstrating that guided, error-based learning (e.g., the SIP/RP panel presentations) has larger and more lasting effects than simple instruction/show & tell.

An opportunity for our students to chase their passions will be the International Science Fair in Week 7 this term, the theme being “Space to Innovate”. The ASMS will be hosting more than fifty visitors from six countries, three states and within South Australia: it’s a week of exploration, interrogation, and collaboration in areas of students’ choosing.

At the time of publishing there are approximately 12 weeks of instruction left for this year’s Year 12 students. I would like to restate our commitment to these students and assure them and their families that we are here for any support required. However, we also acknowledge that the students themselves need to make a commitment and put in effort to achieve their SACE and the post-school options some are striving for. Please contact your Learning Studies teacher or specific teachers if you have any queries or concerns regarding your students’ progress.

Have you booked your tickets for the Open Day to celebrate ASMS’s 20th Anniversary? Tickets for the Open Day are available here. We will have a celebratory assembly with current students Friday 18 August.

Kylie Eggers,