Principal’s Message

The excitement of our school’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, the assembly, Open Day and Cocktail Party, still lingers in the air. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed and participated, making it a monumental success. The speakers’ words resonated with me, highlighting the experiences that have shaped our school over the years. Everyone’s reflections reminded me of the efforts that have brought us to this point, and the commitments that propel us forward. The incredible achievements of our alumni serve as inspiration, illuminating the path forward. Many of the initial endeavours and agreements are still in place – interdisciplinary curriculum across all learning areas, multi-year level classes, innovative pedagogies, a focus on wellbeing for learning and students co-designing their courses with a focus on deep understanding and natural evidence of learning. Together, as a community, we continue to evolve, pushing boundaries, and embracing new frontiers in education.

Last week, we celebrated the invaluable contributions of our School Support Officers in SSO Week 2023. This dedicated team works tirelessly, often behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth operation of our school; please take a moment to thank them for their unwavering commitment and support.

Next week we welcome our overseas, online, interstate and intrastate visitors to the 19th ASMS International Science Fair (ISF). The theme of this year’s event is “Space to Innovate” and how fortunate are we to have this week to explore these ideas together. The ISF is a week of opportunities for students from across the globe to question, reflect, plan for, and discover potential innovations through the lenses of Science and Mathematics and develop their Learner Attributes and friendships as the basis of their future world-leading vocations. Our hope is that this week will inspire the students to further explore their interests and passions in years to come.

Our Year 12 students are now nearing the end of their schooling, next week they have the opportunity to practice sitting exams in preparation for the end of year assessment process. Year 12s embrace this opportunity to assess your strengths, identify areas for improvement, and refine your study strategies- ask us for help and guidance in this!

Our school’s vision and curriculum for the future is taking shape, and we invite all parents, students, and community members to join us in the process of developing our 10-year plan, a roadmap that will shape the educational experiences of our students and our interactions with our tertiary and industry partners. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable in this collaborative effort. We are asking parents to join focus groups at the ASMS to provide a parent perspective on what is working well, and areas for greater or less focus within the curriculum we provide. If you are interested in participating in a focus group please register using this link.

Please join me in wishing Kellie Cassidy, and her partner Reece, all the best for the safe arrival of their baby in the middle of September. Michael Santucci will be staffing our Front Reception in Kellie’s absence.

Kylie Eggers