Principal’s Message

As we come to the end of our year at the ASMS my first thought is, thank you! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to what is truly an incredible school; our school is what it is because of the thousand or so people who contribute to our success.

Our Year 12 students have completed their final assessments and exams for Stage 2 SACE, and our Year 10 & 11s Central Studies classes are complete with staff compiling Semester 2 Reports and sending the results off to the SACE board. Reports will be available on the ASMS Portal on Friday 15 December. Year 12 results will be available through the SACE Students Online portal Monday 18 December; if you have any questions about the results students receive there will be staff at the school that morning to receive your call.

In the next few weeks our staff will be busy planning and building on our interdisciplinary learning program, extending this to Year 12, stretching the interdisciplinary approach to assessment in Central Studies and enhancing the learning focus with natural evidence of learning in readiness for the 2024 learning program.

We have also been very busy planning for and finalising 2024 staffing; appointments that have not previously been shared, for 2024, include:

We have not yet finalised our teaching staffing for 2024 but will keep you informed as appointments progress.

The 2024 school year commences on Monday 29 January; please take the time to relax and rejuvenate in readiness for another learning and challenge-filled year.

Kylie Eggers