Principal’s Message

Mid-semester is Learning Conversation time: Our students are supported by their LSG teacher and parents and caregivers to reflect on their achievements and challenges in the Learning Conversations. In the range of conversations that I saw and overheard there was a gradual progression in self-awareness and student-agency across the year levels which was pleasing to see.

Tuesday Tutoring: A reminder that we offer the ASMS Graduate Student Tutoring Program every Tuesday in LC4 after lunch. The tutors, overseen by Daisy Keating, provide tuition in a range of subjects to support current students in their learning and work on areas where additional assistance and support is required. Ideally students should come prepared with the tasks and assignments they require assistance with, and to have identified the specific areas in which they require help.

Medicine at School: There’s a form for that!  Whether a medication that is brought on to site is short term (for one day) or ongoing, whether it is available over the counter or prescribed to the individual, the school needs to know. The consequences of a student taking the wrong medication, or the wrong dose are potentially disastrous. If your child needs to take medication at school, even over the counter analgesics that they carry with them, please contact Reception who can provide the appropriate forms.

ASMS Building Works “Practical Completion” celebrations: Our Year 11 & 12s will remember the nine months of building renovations across 2022 and 2023 to achieve the renovated Studios, laboratories, Learning Commons and Void. The celebrations for this achievement will be held 0900 Wednesday 22 May in the Void with our students and staff, dignitaries, Department for Education officials and other key stakeholders.

Flinders University CEPSW Partnership: Last week ASMS hosted 10 groups (over 100 people) of Education students from Flinders University (EDUC9120 and EDUC2327). The aim was for the Pre-Service teachers to learn about educational possibilities by seeing first-hand how the ASMS has considered school structures, engaging interdisciplinary learning and culture.  

“… ASMS really shows the range of possibilities and exciting options for learning, schooling and teaching that can be created through passionate, knowledgeable and curious minds seeking a different form of learning for our young people. It was also amazing to think that this type of school is in the public system, and accessible to more students without the major financial barrier private schooling often has…” Flinders University Education Student

It’s been a busy term, I hope you enjoy reading about some of our activities in this edition of info@ASMS!

Kylie Eggers