Principal’s Update

As our Year 12 students near the end of their secondary schooling, their excitement fills the air of the ASMS. With only a limited amount of class time left, they have been working closely with their teachers, devising strategies to conquer their final assignments and prepare for their exams of which they should know the times, dates and locations. In the weeks to come, further details regarding the Year 12 breakfast (27/10/23) and Presentation Night (29/11/23) will be provided.

In parallel, the curriculum review consultation is currently in progress. The ASMS leaders are diligently gathering feedback and insights from many stakeholders (students, parents, tertiary and industry partners). Next term, they will synthesize the key themes and actions derived from this input, which will help shape the future of our curriculum. If you still wanted to have your say please contact the school and we will put you in touch with the leadership team.

Lastly, let’s not forget the excitement generated by the International Science Fair! It was a great event, showcasing the incredible talent and innovation of our students on a global stage.

Staff Announcements:

I am pleased to announce that Lisa Pope, Andrew Stone and Sam Moyle have been appointed to the positions of Leader: Interdisciplinary Learning Design and Amanda Brook to the position of Leader: Innovative Pedagogies from 2024. I wish them all the best in their positions and look forward to working with them in the years to come.

We also congratulate Kellie Cassidy and her partner Reece on the recent arrival of their daughter Lily and wish Kyran Zippel and his partner Miriam all the best for their wedding during the holidays.

Sunsmart and Dress Code reminders (with some help from ChatGPT3.5):

ASMS promotes respect, inclusivity, it’s true,
Guidelines for clothing, here’s what you should do:
Shoes with backstraps, tops, and midriffs well-covered with care,
Pants below thigh, keep hair tied in its lair.
No labels of threat, be clean and well dressed,
We’ll chat when it’s needed, your choice is addressed.
For UV rays, we’ve a policy clear,
Balancing health, let’s hold it dear:
When UV’s high, protection’s a must,
Shade yet vitamin D, in them we trust.
Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide, every day,
In sun or shade, keep those rays at bay.

As Term 3 draws to an end. I wish you all a restful two week break and look forward to seeing you all back 16 October 2023.

Kylie Eggers,