Principal’s Update

Welcome to the ASMS in 2023. We hope this newsletter finds you well and that all our students and staff had a great summer break. It has been great getting to know our new students and reconnecting with our existing students. Our school is dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive culture for all students. We encourage students to strive for excellence and agency in all that they do. We have a lot planned for our 2023 school year, many exciting events, and activities. I look forward to sharing these with you across the year.

Congratulations to the class of 2022 who all achieved their SACE. They have successfully moved on to a range of careers and tertiary courses including science, engineering, arts, mathematics, education, medicine, aviation and finance via a myriad of pathways eg Portfolio Accredited Tertiary Entrance, Assessment Centre and ATAR (13% >90, Highest ATAR (before bonus) 98.5).

Our students have returned to a space that looks very different from when they left last year, at the very least ‘the red wall’ is now white! The renovations will continue until early June including renovated studios, hearing loops throughout, additional heat-and-eat spaces, our ICT department moving upstairs, and a new reception area.

Please note that the current mobile devices policy remains in place. We will use the first two terms of school to develop our new policy in line with the new DfE policy and feedback from students, staff and parents. Until that time, if permitted by the teacher, students can use a mobile phone or personal device in line with the policy, in a safe, responsible and respectful way and support peers to do the same. At other times should be put away and turned off during class time.

At ASMS we are constantly working to improve our learning, teaching and curriculum design to provide the best possible environment and experience for our students. This year, our Site Improvement Plan focuses on ensuring that all ASMS students are effective communicators. We aim to do this by strengthening whole-school approaches to individualised student learning and achievement using qualitative and quantitative evidence to:

Please feel welcome to ask any of our teachers about their role in the 2023 Site Improvement Plan.

The Importance of Learning Studies Teachers:

Our Learning Studies teachers play a critical role in the success of our students. They are responsible for ensuring that students have the support they need to succeed both academically and socially. We encourage all parents to get to know their Learning Studies teacher and to stay in touch throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to meet Learning Studies teachers at the Meet the Teacher night on 20 February at 5:30pm followed by the Governing Council AGM to be held at 6:30pm. 2023 Councillors will be asked to stay for the first meeting of the new Council after the AGM. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to meet their child’s Learning Studies teacher and ask questions about your child’s experience thus far at the ASMS. We hope to see you all there!

Introducing our new staff members:

Amy Snell-Wakefield – I am very excited to return to the ASMS after four years at Heathfield Highschool. I have a background in science and environmental toxicology. I then completed a PhD in Public Health which focused on mosquitoes, in New Zealand. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked as an entomologist in New Zealand and Australia. The teaching and learning culture at the ASMS creates a fantastic atmosphere and I look forward to encouraging students to undertake inquiry based and hands on learning so they can discover their particular passion in STEM.

Robbie Miller – I am excited to be here at ASMS after teaching in Port Augusta for the last six years. I am specialised in teaching English and Psychology, and I am excited to immerse myself in the challenging and engaging programs that the ASMS offers. I feel very welcome here already and am impressed with the level of effort I have seen from students.

Thomas Doerfer – I am very excited to join the ASMS team. I have a background in Chemistry and completed a PhD in Physical Chemistry. I focused on the development of a Raman-Spectrometer that is supposed to go on a Mars-rover. I am very interested in the different forms of light (wave/particle dualism) and how we can use it. Outside of teaching I am passionate about swimming, cycling and running (aka triathlon).

Harrison Schultz – Having spent time working as a journalist and in the fitness industry I am ecstatic to begin my teaching career at the ASMS. The ASMS values of Community, Agency and especially, Curiosity ring true to my own values and I am excited to help facilitate these values amongst the ASMS students. Outside of education I am a keen rock climber where problem-solving and curiosity is a functional norm.

ASMS encourages students who feel unwell to stay home and rest until they feel better. They can be in touch with their teachers who will support them as needed. Although most COVID restrictions are lifted across the state, schools are still expected to report COVID cases to the Department; please let us know if a student tests positive.

We look forward to a productive and positive year of learning, seeing growth in every student; I wish you all the best for the year; please introduce yourself as you see me. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Kylie Eggers, Principal