Research Project Update

Recently, our students have done some amazing and unique research and presented the journey they have been on in detailed Folios. Outcomes are the main focus at the moment with students working to complete the assessment piece which showcases the findings from the research activities that they have undertaken. Whilst students can utilise a range of formats for this task (essay, article, video, report etc) the common factor is that this piece of work needs to be as well constructed as possible.

For Year 11 students, this assessment task has a 40% weighting placed upon it by the SACE Board so it is critical that students edit and have their work checked by another person in order to pick up spelling and grammar mistakes.

After the completion of this task, students move on to the final task for SIP/RP, the Reflection Task for Year 10 students and the Evaluation Task for Year 11s. This final task requires students to critically evaluate the research processes used, examine the consequences of key decisions and evaluate the quality of their findings.