Semester 2 Learning Co-design

In order to support Year 10 and 11 students to follow their passion and interest in science and mathematics related areas of study we are offering an opportunity for students to co-design their learning in place of either the Truth and Perception or Earth and Cosmos Central Studies courses in Semester 2, providing an opportunity for them to study an area of interest in depth.

In the Co-design Central Study each student will work with teachers to choose a program focus and negotiate their learning and assessment. It is an ideal opportunity for learners to develop their self-regulation and the skills, understandings and capabilities they will require for their future. Teachers will act as facilitators to support students to meet all curriculum requirements and guide students in learning where students use their agency to co-design learning which is connected and coherent.

Students who would like to participate in the Co-design Central Studies Program in Semester 2 this year should submit an Expression of Interest by Friday 17 June.