Skills of the Future in Dream Design Develop

Can you remember when you were in high school? What careers were you thinking of pursuing?

If you are of a certain age, there are jobs and career pathways that exist today that didn’t exist at the time, that would have only existed in science fiction. For example, bloggers, app developers, web analyst and drone operators. Not only have some jobs appeared, but some have also disappeared, and nearly all have been impacted by a rapid change in technology. In Dream Design Develop we are asking students to identify a future career pathway and take the lead role in designing their own learning across numeracy, technology and science to prepare them for this future. Identified careers include terraforming microbiologist, genetic counsellor, biohacker, and cyborg psychologists.

Some students, who identified “bio-jacker” and “virtual surgeons” as their future career have been lucky to work with Daniel Simons, a teacher with a background in biomedical research to conduct an investigation into graphene quantum dots and gel electrophoresis to construct knowledge around nanotechnology and nanomedicine, and their benefits to the future of health.